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Do you want to know if Plant Squad ships to your city?

Here we share the list of locations to which we can ship. If you cannot find your city on the list, you can visit this map and see the physical stores where you can find our products.

We ship to:

  • acapulco

  • aguascalientes

  • campeche

  • cancun

  • CDMX

  • Victoria City

  • Colima

  • Durango

  • Guadalajara

  • Guanajuato

  • Peace

  • Los Cabos

  • merida

  • Monterey

  • Morelia

  • Pachuca

  • Puebla

  • Queretaro

  • saltillo

  • San Luis Potosi

  • Tuxtla Gutierrez

  • Xalapa

  • oaxaca

Remember that if you can't find your location in the list above, you can find the store closest to you to buy Plant Squad products on this map.

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