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SINRES Hamburger 227g

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Discover our plant-based beef flavor burger. Enjoy its juiciness and exquisite flavor, without ingredients of animal origin. Perfect for people who are looking for a healthy and sustainable option. Surprise yourself with a juicy, tasty and planet-responsible burger! Join the change and try the new standard of SINRES burgers. Take care of your health and the environment with each delicious bite. Don't wait any longer to be part of the positive change that will transform our planet into a better place!

- Made with bean and pea protein: natural and high quality ingredients.
- Authentic texture and flavor.
- Free of soy.
- Plant-based food: a conscious choice to take care of your health and the planet.
- 100% Mexican.
SINRES Hamburger 227g
SINRES Hamburger 227g
SINRES Hamburger 227g

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