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Milanese SINPOLLO 460g

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Discover our delicious plant-based chicken flavored Milanese. Enjoy its crunchy exterior and tender interior texture, without losing that authentic flavor that you love so much. Our SINPOLLO Milanese are the perfect option for those looking for a healthier and more sustainable alternative, without giving up the pleasure of a good Milanese. In addition, by choosing our plant-based Milanese, you are contributing to the care of the environment. It's time to try a new culinary experience with our SINPOLLO Milanese!

Made with broad bean and pea protein: natural and high quality ingredients.
Authentic texture and flavor.
Soy free.
Plant-based food: a conscious choice to take care of your health and the planet.
100% Mexican.
• V-LABEL certificate

Milanese SINPOLLO 460g
Milanese SINPOLLO 460g
Milanese SINPOLLO 460g

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