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At Plant Squad we know that our diet is a fundamental part of our well-being, and that it evolves at the same time as we do. For this reason, we have dedicated ourselves to creating foods that help you have a balanced, healthy and sustainable diet.



S ince 2018, we've been dedicated to one mission: to help reverse our negative impact on the planet by inspiring people to eat more plant-based foods.  


Since then, we have been committed to ensuring that our sustainable ethic is reflected not only in our food, but also in the philosophy of our customers. Whether you choose a meat-free diet or simply cut back on meat one day a week, we're here to offer foods that fit your lifestyle.  


Our goal is to provide easy and delicious everyday meals that are totally plant-based. We work with the intention of fulfilling the following promise:  



By reducing our meat consumption, we are contributing to the well-being and ethical treatment of our four-legged friends. Every bite counts to ensure animals are treated with respect and love!  



Choosing a plant-based diet not only benefits us, but also helps create a more sustainable world. By reducing harmful emissions, we are protecting our home, the planet, for future generations. Let's change the world through our food choices!  



Taking care of our health is important, and a plant-based diet is a delicious and nutritious way to achieve it. Eating plant foods provides us with the essential nutrients we need and reduces the risk of chronic diseases. Let's take care of ourselves while we enjoy meals full of flavor and 100% vegetables!  






How do we do it 


How do we do it? Using only ingredients and proteins of plant origin in the preparation of our products. In this way, we not only take care of your health, but also of our planet. Join our mission of conscious and sustainable eating!  

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